Your permissions at JoinData

Be in charge of your own company data

Your farm produces a lot of data. You share it with parties such as the government, your accountant, your suppliers and customers. But do you know exactly who has access to your data? And what for?

This is how farmer Jochem uses JoinData

When you log in to our data platform, you have an instant overview of all your current permissions in one place. Curious how it works? Take a look at this video about farmer Jochem and JoinData.

Jochem’s farm produces a lot of data. The cooperative sees its milk yield, its accountant invoices, and the government wants to know all about its mineral values. To maintain overview, Jochem uses JoinData.


Decide for yourself who uses your data

When you log in to our platform, you have an instant overview of all parties you have given permission to access your data. What data do your suppliers and/or customers use? Can the feed supplier you are no longer doing business with still see your data?

One login for all your permissions

If companies and organizations want to have access to your data, they need to ask for it via our platform. You can decide for yourself if you want to grant them permission. If you see an authorization that you don’t like (such as that old feed supplier), you withdraw the authorization with a push of a button. With JoinData you can get rid of sometimes dozens of different usernames and passwords. You can manage all permissions – from feed supplier to soon even the central government – with just one login.

Our data platform gives you an overview of all parties who are allowed to view your data at a glance. Wondering what active permissions you have?


Safely benefit from innovation

The more we share our agricultural data, the faster new techniques and insights emerge. As a farmer, you can of course take advantage of this. Provided that all that data does not fall into the wrong hands, or is used for purposes with which you disagree. Be honest: would you want someone other than your accountant to be able to see your operating results?

Nobody reads your data if you don’t want them to

The security of your private data, and therefore your privacy, is our ultimate goal. That is why we ‘seal’ your data. The only one who can break the seal is the party you gave permission to. No one else. Think of us as a post office. We send your data to the right recipient, but of course, we don’t look inside the envelope.

Only share data for an agreed purpose

When you receive an authorization request, it always has a purpose limitation. The purpose limitation tells you exactly what the recipient intends to do with your data. They are not allowed to use your data for other purposes than those stated in the purpose limitation, this is determined by law. Through My JoinData, you can see exactly for what purpose you are sharing data, what data it is, with whom and for how long.

Agricultural data: what do we mean by that?

From feed concentrate composition to plot data: it will surprise you how much data is circulating in the agricultural Netherlands. Even if you’re not a ‘data farmer’, you share all sorts of data with companies and institutions.


Take a look at our catalogue and find out what kind of data flows on and around a farm.

What are the costs of JoinData for me, as a farmer?

As a farmer you pay a fixed amount of 50 Euros per year. That is the compensation for the use of the tool My JoinData, that you can easily manage your authorizations with. This way, you keep control of your own data. Since JoinData is a corporation, the rates can be kept as low as possible. By making use of JoinData, you get insight in your data flows and can manage your authorizations in one place. As from the second quarter of 2022, you will receive your invoices directly from JoinData. Parties that want to use your data, like accounting firms, slaughterhouses, suppliers of dairy, fodder and sensors, pay a fee to JoinData for the ‘transport’ of your data.